Friday, 7 October 2011

Visit to Scone Place

Scone Palace

 Earlier this week visited Scone Palace - I think my first ever visit to the Palace itself.

A veritable treasure trove of fine furnishings, porcelain, ivories and objects d'art and as ever on visiting these fine houses with their wonderful collections came away feeling I had viewed but a small part and appreciated even less.

Of the furnishings perhaps the finest piece is a writing desk used by Marie Antoinette.

Mary never visited which is understandable granted that the original palace had been destroyed or at least badly damaged by the mob in 1559 and in any event was owned by the Ruthvens in many ways arch-enemies of the Queen.

However in the last room visited there are bed hangings and a tapestry said to have been worked by Mary during her time as a prisoner in Lochleven No indication of provenance was given. Mary seems to have spent a lot of time weaving even for a prisoner.

Below some images of the hangings.

During the tour it was mentioned that the last Protestant coronation indeed last coronation to be held in Scotland that of Charles 11 in 1651 was at Scone. Had an interesting discussion as to how it might have compared with that of James V1.

Ronald Morrison

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