Sunday, 14 August 2011

Visit to Pinkiecleuch Battlefield

Memorial to the Battle of Pinkie on the A6094 between A1 junction and Wallyford

On the day after our visit to Dunfermline (see below) Sunday 4th. October a number of us will joining a mini-bus tour of the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh which was fought  on 10th. September 1547.

This was the last pitched battle fought between Scottish and English troops. Accounts of numbers taking part vary but at least by one account the Scots led by the Second Earl of Aran numbered 36,000 whereas the English led by the Earl of Hertford numbered perhaps 22000. Nevertheless it resulted in an overwhelming victory for the English and it  is estimated that 15,000 Scots were killed, and 1500 were captured, whereas English fatalities amounted to only 500.

For a full account of the Battle see

The Battle had been part of the Wars of the Rough Wooing  to enforce the marriage of Mary to the eldest son of Henry V111 the future Edward V1. Notwithstanding victory however Hertford effectively withdrew after the Battle and the result from the English point of view was counter productive the Scots as a consequence negotiating a marriage not with Edward but with Francis, the dauphin of France.

Should be a most interesting tour of a not inconsequential battle but one, Scotland's greatest ever defeat, virtually unknown today.

The tour starts at 1.30. Booking is required - telephone 01620 827408 - price £7 per person

Ronald Morrison

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